March 5th, 13:00-13:30


Dr. Bianka Siwińska

CEO and Managing Director of Perspektywy Women in Tech & Perspektywy Education Foundation

Her passion is to create  change in the tech world. 14 years ago, still as a student, she initiated the first, pioneering activity to increase the percentage of women in technologies – the  Girls As Engineers! campaign. 200,000 high school girls participated so far, while the percentage of women at technical universities increased by 10%.

She is a scientist, an activist and a manager. She manages the Perspektywy Education Foundation. Within it, with her dedicated team, she develops such projects as  IT for SHE, New Technologies for Girls, Shesnnovation, Lean in STEM, etc.

She is also the creator of the  Pespektywy Women in Tech Summit – the most important event for women in technology in Europe.


International Institute of Molecular and
Cell Biology in Warsaw

4 Ks. Trojdena Street
02 - 109 Warsaw, Poland

tel. (+48 22) 597 07 00
fax (+48 22) 597 07 15


The symposium is funded by the "Excellent science" programme of the Ministry of Education and Science (formerly Ministry of Science and Higher Education).