March 4th, 16.15-16.45

I will discuss my career path in academia as an immigrant woman scientist from a developing country, reflecting on strategies that helped me juggle family and academic commitments while nurturing my enduring love for all things RNA.

Dr. Sushma-Nagaraja Grellscheid

Associate Professor at the Computational Biology Unit, University of Bergen, Norway; Associate Professor at the Department of Biosciences, Durham University, UK.

I was born in India and lived and studied in several states across the country, enjoying its diverse multicultural landscape. I completed my Masters at JNU New Delhi and had a taste of active research at NCBS, Bengaluru. Keen to pursue further research, I applied for PhD studies at the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge and was fortunate to receive a Commonwealth Scholarship. I received my PhD in 2004 in RNA biochemistry from Darwin College. This is where I met my husband, and together we moved to Germany for our first post-docs. I worked at the University of Cologne researching spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and started learning bioinformatics during this time. In 2005, I returned to the UK and eagerly continued working on alternative splicing regulation in Human Genetic diseases and Ageing at Newcastle University for a number of years with career breaks for family reasons. I received an EMBO research fellowship to the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI, Cambridge, 2011-2012) to consolidate my bioinformatics skills and this was followed by an Addison Wheeler Research Fellowship at Durham University in 2012. I was appointed Assistant Professor in RNA Genomics at Durham University in October 2015 (continuing), and recently moved from the UK after 13 years there, to Norway,  as an Associate Professor at the interdisciplinary Computational Biology Unit (CBU) at the University of Bergen in 2018. Grellscheid lab is an interdisciplinary lab consisting of molecular cell biologists, physicists and bioinformaticians. We seek to understand the age-regulated dys-regulation of RNA biology including transcriptional and alternative splicing regulation and phase separation of RNA binding proteins.  I enjoy multi-cultural life, and this is often expressed through my love of cooking and watching films. I love travelling, and when that is impossible as it is now, I look forward to interesting and stimulating conversations.


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Cell Biology in Warsaw

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The symposium is funded by the "Excellent science" programme of the Ministry of Education and Science (formerly Ministry of Science and Higher Education).